The Compassion project is inspired by a story about the Buddha told by the Vietnamese Buddhist monk, Thich Nhat Hahn. In a past life, prior to enlightenment, the Buddha was in Hell. He was with another man, and they were being tortured by a guard whose duty was to cause the two men suffering. The Buddha, tired of seeing his companion in pain, told the guard that he should not beat the man or cause suffering in others. The guard became very angry and stuck his fork in the heart of the Buddha. The Buddha died but was simultaneously reborn into a new life on earth. Even in Hell there is compassion.

The Compassion Project, which references previous well known religious ad campaigns, honors multiple ideas of god by drawing from a Buddhist legend. The project embraces compassion as a broad spiritual principal, true to the values of Jesus as a historical, political, and spiritual figure. Please feel free to contribute your thoughts by leaving a written comment or by calling 1-800-515-5690.